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Traveling with your pet can be a great experience, but it also requires a lot of planning. If you plan to travel to another country with your companion, be sure to schedule a visit with a federally accredited veterinarian to complete a Certification of Veterinary Inspection. At White Oak Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Gordon is accredited to check for exact animal health requirements.

Traveling With Your Pet

Your pet's health certificate is kind of like their passport. It is required by law that your pet have a completed health certificate prior to leaving the country. This is in place to keep all animals and people safe. In order for the veterinarians at White Oak Veterinary Clinic to sign-off on an International Health Certification, your pet must meet five requirements:

  1. Healthy enough for travel
  2. Disease-free
  3. Parasite-free
  4. Current on vaccines
  5. Endorsed by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

As soon as you know you will be traveling with your pet, give us a call. Preparation is key! To prevent travel delays, we strongly encourage you to check specific USDA regulations for pet travel depending on your destination country. There are oftentimes strict international rules in regards to microchips, blood work, rabies vaccines, and parasite control.

A friendly FYI, most airlines need proof of a health certificate at least 10 days before travel. If possible, travel with your pet in the passenger cabin for their comfort and safety. If your airline prohibits this, make sure to obtain an Acclimation Certificate to protect your pet while in the cargo hold, which can reach very high and low temperatures. The area must be pressurized. We also recommend booking direct flights when possible to reduce the stress of traveling for your pet.

We are also certified to complete Interstate Health Certificates.

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