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Exotic Pet Care

It’s not just about the dogs and cats! Dr. Treese and our highly trained team at White Oak Veterinary Hospital are always happy for the opportunity to care for and treat the many unique types of pets who come through our doors.

Caring For Your Exotic Pet

Whether your best friend is a bird, nonvenomous reptile, pocket pet, or potbelly pig, Dr. Treese is trained to help. And when it comes to the types of visits your special pet may need, they don’t differ too much from the needs of more ‘traditional’ pets— wellness visits to check-in and make sure everything’s working right, diagnostic testing to find out when something’s going wrong, vaccinations to keep your pet safe from disease, and spay/neuter surgeries where necessary.

While the types of vet visits your exotic pet needs may be the same as dogs and cats, their individual health needs may be quite different. That’s because exotic pets from various species have unique physiology from others, and that means they require special expert care and are susceptible to unique health concerns. That’s why you want to entrust their care to the trusted professionals in the world of exotic pet care that you’ll find at White Oak Veterinary Hospital.

Addressing the unique health concerns that can spring up in exotic pets requires an expert, because each individual species may require specific treatment based on their physiology and species-specific traits. Dr. Treese will search for potential signs of illness, disease, any dermatological issues (skin-related), or parasites that might suggest something is going on with your unique friend that shouldn’t be. Our goal? To always be willing and trained to cater to the unique needs of your pet and help them feel their best, no matter whether they fly, slither, crawl, or hop.

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